Sometimes the pain feels like a thousand pieces of glass just shattered their way into your body leaving you numb.

Sometimes the sadness feels like a dark gloom that seems to last for an eternity. Everyday with no promise of sunshine breaking through.

Sometimes the heartache feels like every good thing you ever had was slowly ripped away from you and you had to stand there and watch it all happen.

Sometimes the trials seem too overwhelming. Like an ocean wave that brings you under. Only it feels like you’ll never come back to the surface.

Sometimes the sorrow is so real you’ve cried more tears than you thought was ever possible, and they just keep coming.

Sometimes the doubt seems like a chain on your neck. Ripping you back into its endless abyss every time that you try and run towards the smallest glimpse of hope.

Yes, sometimes you experience these feelings into your life and you’re just left feeling broken, undone, hopeless, afraid, depressed, anxious, unloved.


ALWAYS God remains with you. He is by your side every step of the way, walking with you in the fire and the floods that try so hard to overcome you.

ALWAYS God remains faithful through what seems to be the darkest of storms in your life. He will never forsake you.

ALWAYS God remains loving. And His love can break through the deepest sorrow, the deepest heartache, the deepest valley, and make you feel something you thought was impossible to feel.

ALWAYS God remains good even when you feel like there’s no ounce of good left in the world. And sometimes we’re blinded to His goodness because we live in a world of absolute blinding darkness.

ALWAYS God remains in control. Even when it seems like life is spiraling uncontrollably. It’s not. There is purpose in the pain you’re feeling, however hard, unknown, and unseen it may be.

ALWAYS God remains for you. When it seems like everyone and everything in life is fighting against you, you have a God who is with you. Fighting for your heart. Fighting for your life. Fighting for you.


4 thoughts on ““Sometimes”

  1. Jenni Peiffer says:

    This is so true! I often tell my daughter that the words ‘always’ & ‘never’ are really big words. And ‘sometimes’ is a small word. We have to be careful to remember what kind of situation we find ourselves in. A ‘Sometimes’ or an ‘Always’.
    Thank you for writing.


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